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About Budding Artist

BUDDING ARTIST, Inc. is a not-profit art program founded and developed by CJ Rider for at-risk children living in Arizona.  It operates on a volunteer and donation basis. The classes are held each week with up to 18 children of various ages.

Budding Artist classes offer fun-filled, goal oriented art encounters for underprivileged children in our communities. 

The objective is to develop individual pride and personal self-esteem through the creative processes found in art. The success of this program is evidenced by the laughter and excited discussion emanating from the classroom.  It is truly a pleasure to see these little smiling faces as they carry out their newly created treasure after class.   Students can't wait to get signed up for repeat performances of this program

The ages of the children are mix between 5 and 12. They all pull together through the projects, which aids to the nurturing environment of the overall class.

Workshops are held once a week year around except for holidays.

The program's workshops are held at  "Save The Family Foundation of Arizona" who generously provide use of their classroom for BA arts and craft activities.

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